At Deer Sound Studio it is our vision to offer our customers as much for their recording situation as we possibly can, at a fair price point and with a great atmosphere for recording. From producing and mixing your next single, EP, or album to helping you write and arrange scores for your music: we do it all. We work with many different artists, in a wide variety of genres ranging from pop, rock and soul all the way to metal. Just to name a few.

Our in-house producers Kees Braam (26) and Thijs van Leeuwen (38) have years of experience both as musicians and record producers. Kees is currently concluding his studies in music production at the Rotterdam Conservatory and received extensive training as a recording and mixing engineer, while Thijs is the self-made man here at Deer Sound Studio.

Recording a project can sometimes take up to a few months to complete. Therefore we are a very flexible studio, and recording and mixing can take place 24/7, 7 days a week. Do not hesitate to contact us, and let’s make some awesome records together!